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Wine and Cheese Soiree at the Anaheim White House

A rare opportunity to own a Corum watch

By Staff writer, 2012-04-27
The Wine and Cheese Soiree at the Anaheim White House (May 3rd) is shaping up to be another fine event you’ll not want to miss.

All events at the White House are excellent, so what makes this one so special?

You will probably be delighted by music from harpist Leah Cecil of the Orange County Symphony while you peruse the items in the silent auction.

There will be the LIVE auction for the extraordinary Corum Ladies Burgundy Rocket watch with a regular value of over $8,000. Will the big spenders beat up the price to astonishing levels (we hope so) or will someone get an amazing bargain?

We will announce the Champion of the Arts! It works like this. Various non-profits have identified a figurehead to be their Champion. They will not be directly embroiled in gladiatorial combat, but we will discover which organization sold the most dollar tickets in honor of their Champ for him or her to become the overall Champion of the Arts.

There are 23 member organizations of the Arts Council and at least six have put up a candidate for the “Champion of the Arts”. Ebell – Ruth Vonderloh; Kiwanis – Joe Dale; The Chance – Erika Miller; APLF – Chris Jarvi, Cultural Heritage – Kelly Castillo; Harp Guild – Reon Boydstun Howard; Downtown Anaheim Association - Frank Feldhaus.

It’s not too late to jump into the game. Of the money raised by this competition 50% will be kept by the member organization and the other half goes to the AAC towards scholarships and grants. How to participate. Details here. Instructions for Organizations; Champion of the Arts Application

Member organizations are donating prizes.

Put this all together; performing arts, fabulous hors d’oeuvres and wine in a delightful setting, great prizes and the live watch auction, to say nothing of the reveal of the Champion of the Arts and you have an elegant early evening in company with arts supporters in and around Anaheim.

Tickets cost $30 per person, or $50 for two. Contact Carol Latham - carol_latham@juno.com, or CALL 714-778-4261 right away.



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