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Anaheim Community Theatre

First Presbyterian Church,
where Moses will appear in March!

By Release, 2012-01-29
Anaheim Community Theater was co-founded by Norma Leichtweis and Marc LeBlanc. Marc was Norma's hairdresser, and had been involved in Community theater for many years. Consequently she would hear about what he was doing next
each time she got her hair done.

Norma is a member of Anaheim First Presbyterian Church and asked Marc if he would come and direct a play with their youth, which he did. Then their pastor suggested they do a play for adults, and Marc said "Only if I have a Producer" . In her naivety Norma volunteered, not having any idea what a producer did - thus Norma and Marc started on the venture that was to become Anaheim Community Theater.

June of 1996, The Diary of Anne Frank was performed as ACT's first production which was very well received.

One show led to two, then three, a year. Later a Dinner Theater was added, but was discontinued last year.

ACT is an outreach of theFirst Presbyterian Church with the goal of providing quality, family drama for their community at an affordable price, as well as providing the opportunity for people to display their theatrical side in a friendly, informal atmosphere.

Many people have supported ACT over the past 16 years - several of their own congregation as well as many others, and they are very grateful for all the support they have received. They wouldn't be here today without it!!!

ACT is in rehearsal for The New Musical "Moses" and the burning within--which willl be performed in their beautiful
Gothic Sanctuary the last two week-ends in March. This will be a first for them as all other performances have been in the social hall.

They want to thank Anaheim Arts Council for grant money that helped them buy a beautiful new stage curtain, and a storage shed to accomodate some items from their crowded back stage area.

ACT is also very proud of the things they have accomplished over the past 16 years. Many talented people have been given the opportunity to participate in the theater, as well as those who are just finding out what fun it is!!!!



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