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Sarah Bain World of Magic

Just one of Pamela Wilson's
imaginative pieces.

By Michael Buss, 2010-11-11
We had time on our hands in downtown Anaheim. So we wandered into the Sarah Bain Gallery. Nobody there. Just us, and assistant Director Michael McNamara. Thing is – the art!! I mean pictures. Stunning would be too dull a word. We just had to stand and stare. The current artist on display is Pamela Wilson with her exhibition “Crestfallen”. The exquisitely detailed oil paintings were matched by the, shall we say – bizarre – subject matter. Almost macabre.

The exhibitions change every month so you’d have to be quick to see this one. But still nobody came in. We had to ask. Turns out Sarah has clients all over the USA and beyond. So although it’s nice to get local foot traffic, they can still get by.

But folks – what a treat! And it’s free!! Well, not if you buy a picture. But you can see them for zilch! And it’s well worth the experience. Every month they have a party, that is, a reception with the artist. I’m going to put those on my calendar. I could even dress up like I could afford one of the paintings!

Art does strange things to you. It leads you into a world of curiosity and wonder. You detach from yourself and get drawn, as though through a wormhole in space, into another reality, the reality of the artist and his or her perceptions. You see the world differently. That’s very cool.

One more thing. The Sarah Bain Gallery opened just before the Recession started. Remember that? Money designated for other downtown development of art related facilities dried up. So instead of that lovely area outside the Muzeo becoming a happening place, it’s still waiting to happen. That’s a crying shame – and maybe we should stand up and say so at a few City Council meetings.

That apart, when you have 45 minutes to spare downtown, have the courage to go into that empty looking gallery -- and enter another world! A world of magic.

Sarah Bain Gallery
184 Center Street Promenade
Anaheim, CA 92805
OPEN Tuesday - Saturday: 11AM - 6PM



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