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New Murals Brighten up the Central Library

Kris Murray at the mic.

By Staff writer, 2012-01-06
By the time the unveiling was over and the photographs all duly taken the sun was beginning to dip down over the horizon – December 14th, Anaheim Public Library.

The project to beautify the green space at the back of the Anaheim Central Library started some months beforehand. Led by members from the YMCA, artists teamed up with primary school children to bring to life two lovely murals on the theme of bugs and flowers. The inspiration for the murals stemmed from the great mural painting project in GardenWalk some three years ago when Janet Lee was still here in Anaheim to lead the realization of those nineteen huge images. And what a great surprise to see Janet there in the crowd.

Opening remarks came from Jenny Voznesensky, from the ‘Y’, who spearheaded the work. YMCA director Paul Andreson stood nearby watching appreciatively. After Jenny, Councilor Kris Murray took the mic to express her joy at seeing not just the murals, but all the kids seated before her who had had such a hand in doing the actual painting. Truly the very experience and satisfaction of doing this work of public art will be something they and their schools will all be proud of for years to come.

There! Can you see it better now?

When the speeches were over proud parents found the right angles to take snapshots of their kids planting commemorative, colorful stakes in the flower beds amongst the plants.
When you’re next in the Library, make your way to the back of the stacks and out into the garden to see the murals for best effect. If you’re walking down Harbor from Broadway and look right you may see them from the street.

Congratulations to all. Don’t be surprised if these murals get nominated by the Anaheim Arts Council for a favorite spot in next year’s Art in Public Places awards.

Tomorrow's generation of young artists.

Photos by Michael Buss



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