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Art in Public Places

Much loved sculpture in GardenWalk

By Michael Buss, 2011-10-16
I'm not sure that a great deal of public art has hit the streets in the past year - not that we've been able to discover. But such as we can find will be the subject of special recognition at the next General Meeting of the Anaheim Arts Council on November 3rd, in the City Council Chamber.

This is always a great event with a number of surpises and great food as an extra attraction!

Public art requires an investment above and beyond the mere utility of erecting buildings for whatever purpose. And at a time when budgets are tight and we are not even sure if we have emerged from recession companies are loath the spend the extra on beautifying public spaces.

Yet it remains uncontestable that public art matters. It speaks to the higher aesthetic and spiritual values that identify a society with dignity and inspiration. Drab streets become charged with an intangble energy by visual art. Churches and other public buildings resonate with a greater sense of uniqueness and enjoyment (yes - worship) when arts adorns their walls, or sculptures welcome the visitor at the gates. It has ever been so. And we are the poorer when such art falls into disrepair and neglect.

The great civilizations of the world have always elevated the signicance of all the arts to ennoble their people. Earthquake-proof concrete and glass structures do not quite acheive the same effect.



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