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By ., 2011-09-12
OC Weekly is currently accepting nominations for its annual Best of OC Weekly awards. The deadline is Friday, Sept. 16. Last year, UltraLuxe won as Best Indie Film Theater. It would be great to repeat that win this year. Although there is not an existing category for Best Movie Theater, write-in categories may be suggested.

If you’ve enjoyed your experience at UltraLuxe, we would appreciate it if you can you please take a moment to visit www.bestofocweekly2011.com to:

1) Cast your vote for UltraLuxe Cinemas for Best Indie Film Theater

2) Write in the category Best Movie Theater and nominate Ultraluxe Cinemas (this option will be available on the next-to-last page, #106)

It takes less than 1 minute to complete this. Thank you for your time!



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