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Gallery Opens in Downtown Anaheim

Tapestry by Aida Corral

By Staff Writer, 2010-11-07
Anaheim now boasts a new art gallery at 203 W. Center Street. It will be filled with art displays on a month by month basis.

First in is world renowned artist Peter Perez, with his Viva Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) altars and exhibits. The exhibition features stunning pictures by a variey of artists.

The Gallery in the Downtown Community Center features another display of Hispanic art.

Peter Perez adds, "BIENVENIDOS! The Community Altar & Childrens' Altar are installed at 250 E. Center St. and open to the public during the lunch hours. All are welcomed to bring your photos, memories and messages to your Dearly Departed and place them on the Altars.. "Viva Los Muertos"".



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