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By Editior, 2017-08-12

Arts Council to Meet With New Purpose
Thursday September 7, 2017
at the Downtown Anaheim Community Center: 5:30-7pm

The newly reorganized Arts Council will kick-off its season of General Meetings in September with the focus on bringing together arts organizations in Anaheim. We too often function alone when a more united effort would yield greater benefits.

All are invited; but we are especially looking to gather top leaders from the City, non-profit arts organizations, for-profit arts-related businesses, and the School Districts to an evening of discussion on THE ARTS IN ANAHEIM. 

We start promptly with the Introductions at 5:30, moving into a session on Visions and Challenges, before we open the special Forum to questions on Arts in the City, the Schools and Businesses, and close out with action plans. It will be fast and nimble. If you are a leader in the arts communities please book the date and plan to be there.

This is a totally new approach to Arts Council meetings, aimed at better advancing the Arts in the City.




Sir Kenneth Robinson speaking on Changing Education Paradigms.

A paradigm is a pattern, example or schema. Here this world renowned educator and lecturer challenges many of the assumptions that underlie modern education. He argues that the way we are going now will not produce enough of the creative, innovative graduates that the modern workforce requires. What would it take to make the change?

Watch the video and enjoy! Then watch it again, and pass it on to others.