Healthy Youth and the Arts

Michael Buss, Jul 5, 2017

Outline of a talk to Kiwanis on July 6, 2017.

By Michael C. Buss

Thanks for this invitation to talk about the potential impact of teach the Healthy Youth program on the Arts and other electives.

Reached out to AUHSD – who did not respond.  But matters of advocacy often start from lone voices.

Let’s bring together two set of objectives and discover where they intersect.

AUHSD commitment to the arts

  • Very SOLID – cite examples
  • The bands
  • The visual arts – Color and Light
  • Conservatory at Anaheim High School
  • Some, though not many, excellent theatre programs
  • Some good dance programs
  • Choirs

The Arts Plans – there have been two

  • Arts Plan, March 2009. Produced and accepted by the Board and it went  - nowhere. Lacked admin vision and commitment. It is easy for the board to approve a policy but it requires the determined implementation of administrative structure to make it work. (In Dropbox). Many counselors and principals were not convinced. It called for a VAPA coordinator. It also required funding – and we hot a recession!
  • Arts Plan, August 2016. With extra funding. Recognizes the 2009 arts plan. The is new Arts Plan is excellent. The community needs to know about it and hold the district to is.
  • Need of a district wide VAPA coordinator.

The Declaration of Rights – Student Learning.

  • Accepted as policy by the Board.

The Healthy Youth Act

  • The Act itself
  • ACLU detailed overview.     
  • I think we would have to agree that this education is extremely important.
  • Our concern is its implementation in the AUHSD

The Arts Council Blog

  • Additional classes
  • Within a fixed budget this may be a challenge.
  • Music and drama examples WITH SLIDES           
  • All full year of art/elective education sacrifices for a limited length class

How the wheel works.

  • Other options.
  • Do we care? What’s to be done?



Anaheim Union High Schools District



Declaration of Student Rights

Health teaching may wreak havoc on arts 


As defined by the State of California

ACLU Summary and FAQs - Very good


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