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The data entry window

This menu bar is in the calendar header

  1. Click the button to Add Event

There is another way!

See those little plus signs on each day of the week?

  1. Click the plus sign and the Add New Calendar Event will open up.

Now we are getting somewhere

  1. Notice that there are several tabs to this window. Normally you will only use the first two.
  2. Please do NOT change the font or style! It will mess up the look of the calendar.
  3. The Repeat Events section is more tricky. This will normally apply to the run of a show, for instance. If you get the details wrong, come back and change them until it all looks good.

Go ahead and enter the details on this tab.

Now the Description

  1. We are now on the second tab
  2. Type or copy/paste all your event information in here
  3. This is where you put the contact info. NOT in the Description section.
  4. Saved locations. If your location is already in this list, select it. You are done. If it's NOT there, fill in the location information and then click the link that says Click to save this as a new location. It will now become a saved location!

Finish your work

  1. Save a draft if you are not finished. Come back later to complete this step.
  2. Click Save when you are done
  3. Use the Back button to go back to the Calendar and see the results.

What if you made a mistake?

You can then test what you did by clicking anywhere on the event. Watch the windows open up.
But you made a mistake. How do you fix it?

  1. Click the tiny word (edit) and you will get right back to the window in which you entered the details. Easy.