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Arts 4 Kids


Let's start with a look at your kid's brain!!

The LEFT brain is wired for learning and remembering facts like Math, English, Science and History. We want kids to be good at all these skills.

The RIGHT brain is wired for imagination, intuition, feelings for others; for CREATIVITY. All of these are taught best through the arts! Drama, Dance, Drawing and Painting, Singing, Playing Music.

Your child has a WHOLE brain. Too many schools only educate HALF of it!

The K-6 years are the most crucial years for teaching the arts.

Without the arts, children will not get a FULL education.

  1. Play with preschool kids as much as you can.
  2. Talk to your school to see what arts education they provide and ask for more arts in the classroom.
  3. Get your children into after school arts activities if there are not enough in school time.
  4. Turn the TV OFF and do lots of arts projects with your children at home.
  5. Buy discounted arts supplies from {to be confirmed}
  6. Find lots of traditional children's nursery rhymes. Have fun singing them with your kids.
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Before long I will put up a whole resources page. Here I will gather great links as I find them!

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