High School and College Scholarships for 2017

The Arts Council is very proud to be able to help students progress in their arts education. The award of these scholarships is a major feature of the Council's work. They are named after Violet Wheeler, a very generous benefactor.

High School Scholarships are normally available in Dance, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, Theatre and Visual Art. They will range in value from $250 - $1000.

Please be quick in filling out your forms and getting teacher recommendations. The deadline for submission is a postmark no later than April 7th 2017.

The Scholarship Application is a two page document containg both the application form and the application rules and criteria. Please download it or ask your counsellor for it. Make sure you read it carefully. Provisional audition details are on this flier.


Update in progress

Combined Application Form
and Rules - 2017

Application criteria

  1. Applicant must either be an Anaheim resident or attending a school in the City of Anaheim.
  2. Currently a graduating high school senior
  3. Complete an application for a Violet Wheeler Performing Arts Scholarship
  4. Submit two letters of recommendation including one letter from an arts or performance teacher
  5. Currently enrolled in a visual or performing arts class
  6. Submit an official school transcript to the Anaheim Arts Council (AAC)
  7. Mail complete package by April 7th, 2017

Please see the Application Criteria and Application Form for FULL details.

Applicants will audition before a panel of judges in May. Date to be notified to applicants.

Winners must perform, or present their art work, for the members of the Anaheim Arts Council on Thursday, May 4th 2017.


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