Crowdfunding for Children's Festival

By , 2016-05-03

We have made is very easy for you to support this year's Children's Festival by creating a Razoo crowdfunding page. It's very special. 

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This year we are moving into the nearby Pearson Park and FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER will have a huge canopy under which we will offer FIVE instant classes for beginners in both Dance and Drama. This means more expense to rent the canopy, floor, PA equipment, signage and literature for families to take away.

Anaheim elementary schools have been arts deprived for many years. But the tide is turning. An expansive music program is growing in most schools. However, the performing arts of Dance and Theatre are largely missing. 

This Festival, with the follow-up schools advocacy program, is designed to raise awareness of the crucial value of Dance and Drama in elementary schools.

Donate online to Anaheim Children's Arts Festival and Education at Razoo


Sir Kenneth Robinson speaking on Changing Education Paradigms.

A paradigm is a pattern, example or schema. Here this world renowned educator and lecturer challenges many of the assumptions that underlie modern education. He argues that the way we are going now will not produce enough of the creative, innovative graduates that the modern workforce requires. What would it take to make the change?

Watch the video and enjoy! Then watch it again, and pass it on to others.