New Arts Season Begins

By Michael Buss, 2014-09-02

The Anaheim Arts Council kicks off a new season of arts collaboration and outreach at its first general meeting of the year on Thursday 4th September. Various arts organizations will display their programs and products, and provide opportunity for the public to learn more.

During the summer the Arts Council board officially adopted the Sacred Arts Festival as one of its programs. They also began the development of a brand-new arts initiative in the city. This will cover a wide variety of possibilities, requiring support and cooperation with the business community, school districts, and the city  of Anaheim itself.

Details of these exciting new programs will be  explained at the general meeting.

All Arts Council meetings are open to the public and you’re invited to bring your friends with you. Meetings start with refreshments at 5:30 PM and conclude at 7 PM.

Immediately following the general meeting the Cultural Heritage Commission will open a new Center Gallery exhibition entitled Divergency – Grace and Decay: The Art and writings of Adam what’s. The gallery opening takes place in an adjoining space in the Community Center.

Location: Downtown Anaheim Community Center, 250 E Center Street, Anaheim, 92805.


Sir Kenneth Robinson speaking on Changing Education Paradigms.

A paradigm is a pattern, example or schema. Here this world renowned educator and lecturer challenges many of the assumptions that underlie modern education. He argues that the way we are going now will not produce enough of the creative, innovative graduates that the modern workforce requires. What would it take to make the change?

Watch the video and enjoy! Then watch it again, and pass it on to others.