Sacred Arts Festival Videos Now Available

By The Editor, 2015-10-04

While visitors were making their way round the 10 or so houses of worship which participated in the Sacred Arts Festival earlier this year they may also have noticed a camera crew occasionally crossing their path. Now we are able to bring to you the beautiful and uplifting videography of Tom Daniels and the deft hosting of Joanne Abu Sosa. Each house of worship has its own 10 minute clip all booked-ended with the same inspiring music. Completion of this project was very much a labor of love and we trust that these videos will prove to be an enduring memento of the day as well as an ongoing means of education.

We wish we could have included a video from Anaheim United Methodist Church, but they had closed when the video team arrived at the end of the day.

You may find the YouTube videos on channelAnaheimas well as below.



Click the Playlist icon, top left, to select videos.


Sir Kenneth Robinson speaking on Changing Education Paradigms.

A paradigm is a pattern, example or schema. Here this world renowned educator and lecturer challenges many of the assumptions that underlie modern education. He argues that the way we are going now will not produce enough of the creative, innovative graduates that the modern workforce requires. What would it take to make the change?

Watch the video and enjoy! Then watch it again, and pass it on to others.