The Mannequin Experiment

By M C Buss, 2014-02-09

What would happen if you put a blank mannequin in a booth at an Art Crawl in Downtown Anaheim and invited the public to take a paint brush and paint? It was an experiment. 

To start with, nothing. Then a little girl splodged blue paint all over the place. Yuk. But finally, the adults took up the challenge and for the next three hours they decorated Mattie. (We had to give her a name.) And if some were not painting, they were watching!

Once again we showed that, given the opportunity, people will unveil their “hidden artist” and they probably had the most fun they had all night.

Lots more pictures to follow later today (Sunday).


Sir Kenneth Robinson speaking on Changing Education Paradigms.

A paradigm is a pattern, example or schema. Here this world renowned educator and lecturer challenges many of the assumptions that underlie modern education. He argues that the way we are going now will not produce enough of the creative, innovative graduates that the modern workforce requires. What would it take to make the change?

Watch the video and enjoy! Then watch it again, and pass it on to others.