Vern Stomps Out Beet 5

By Editor, 2014-09-27

There are few more recognizable and Bohemian pianists in Orange County than Vern Pat Nelson. You will not normally find him on the concert stage, but in Huntington Beach Library, or a Mall, of the street - wherever he can entertain an audience. This extraordinary man, a product of San Francisco Conservatory of Music and a Master of Music from the University of Texas, has a brilliance tempered with individualism such that in one and the same concert you might find him melting your soul with the Moonlight Sonata or belting out an arrangement of Pink Floyd music.

Vern's latest vid on You Tube is his fast and furious rendering on Beethoven's 5th Symphony (1st movement), complete with notes. You might also have seen his name in some Orange County blogs where he brings his penetrating journalism to bear on many current issues. As a free lance musician he would love to appear more often in Anaheim. Contact for bookings: FaceBook.


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